The Fortress

The Physick House — May 25, 2017 – May 28, 2017

What happens when Keaton meets Kafka? Between high-brow philosophy and low-brow slapstick you will find The Fortress, a picaresque journey through bureaucracy, power plays, and screwball romance that seeks to combine the worldviews of two of the twentieth century’s most brilliant and absurd creative minds. Mr. Locht has come to a strange town to make a sale to the mysterious Viscount, only to find himself navigating a labyrinth of dual identities, vaudevillian double-talk, and comic chases that will either end in disaster or entrance to the Viscount’s elusive Fortress…or both.

Staged as a walking tour beginning at Washington Square and continuing to the historic Hill-Physick House and surrounding area in a uniquely immersive format, The Fortress gathers some of Philadelphia’s greatest performing talent for a clown’s eye view on a Kafkaesque universe.

Thursday 5/25 at 7: 30 – $10
Friday 5/26 at 7:30 – $10
Saturday 5/27 at 7:30 – Pay What You Wish
Sunday 5/28 at 7:30 – $10

PLEASE NOTE There is an audience cap of 25 people per night due to space constraints. Walk-ups cannot be guaranteed seating.

approx. 90 minutes, no intermission*

Jennifer Summerfield as Kathleen Keyes
Johanna Dunphy as Professor Perlmutter
Robert Curry as The Emissary
Katie Frazer as Terry Such
Alex McCormick as Terry Such (no relation)
Leslie Miller as Ms. McGuire
Hank Curry as Mr. Locht

featuring Becky Fleckner as the Head of the Surveillance Committee
and with a friendly appearance by Ethan Fried

stage managed by Becky Fleckner
produced by Hank Curry, Johanna Dunphy, Debbie Miller, and Jared Reed
written and directed by Hank Curry

“The Fortress” is an official part of “BK100 – Celebrating a Century of Buser Keaton in Film”.

special thanks to Jared Reed, Megan Chialastri, Debbie Miller, Jeremy Gable, Steve Cleff, Marie-Paule Jeskie, Sam Heitzer, Nolan Felix, Karisa Senavitus, Jared Delaney, Mary Kinney, Alice McGrath, and everyone at the Hill-Physick House.

Thanks to Karen Curry, who took it upon herself to become a one-woman marketing machine.

Photo by Kyle Cassidy

*This is an immersive theatre piece that involves walking to multiple locations, not all of which posses handicap accomodations.